Annie Sprinkle

Koe Creation's writing is so intimate and honest that I felt like I was part of their polycule. They are a natural-born storyteller with a unique, timely story to share, plus they have abundant love and wisdom to embrace and engage readers of diverse ages. This Heart Holds Many held me transfixed.

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Koe CreationAnnie Sprinkle
lan MacRobert

“Imagine that a big tribal family from the 22nd century falls into our time and lands in Seattle, where they have to keep partly hidden from the normals. You’re born into it and grow up through a rollicking kidhood, a moody, rebellious adolescence, then young-adult questing and brilliant maturity. All the while you hide your three moms and two dads from forces in the ‘overculture’ that may threaten them—while you become an ambassador from the 22nd century to many others. This fast-paced memoir grabs you like a piece of Heinlein’s science fiction, while serving as a guide, a warning, an encouragement, and a wise teaching tool for families of every kind.”

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Elisabeth Sheff

“Koe Creation’s delightful book This Heart Holds Many is perfect for anyone who has wondered how polyamorous families affect children, parents, and those Koe calls ‘parent adjacent.’ In a rare peek into the life of a ‘polykid’ raised by five parents, Koe offers anecdotes from their life with a polytribe. From the pregnant lady sandwich to the chaotic (mis)adventures of young love or the trials and triumphs of adulting, Koe guides readers through the life of a second-generation polyamorous person with charming candor.”

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