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Koe’s story

Koe Creation is truly a Sex Educator for the 21st century. Having grown up as a child of a sex-positive, polyamorous family, Koe uses their unique knowledge as a second-generation queerspawn to provide prospective parents & families a framework for successful cross-generational communication about their identities and relationship(s).

Now freshly 30, Koe literally has a lifetime of hands-on training in nonviolent communication, intentional relationship building and sex-positive parenting, from the child’s perspective. Koe’s interest in relationship dynamics and Koe's award winning involvement in the Sex Education, LGBTQ Activism, Public Health Advocacy and work within Polyamorous and Kink communities has only grown throughout their life.

Koe has always been a performer; from early beginnings as their family’s resident ham for the camera to eventually working as a professional actor, model and dancer through their young adulthood. Koe was also deeply influenced by the positive role modeling they received, as a youth, attending summer camps for alternative families. In their current work with families, Koe brings the dedicated passion and vulnerable strength of performance to support their struggling clients, filling much needed roles like “Personal Gender Cheerleader”, “Sex-Positive Camp Counselor” & “Polyamorous Auntie You Never Had!”

Currently Residing in San Francisco, Koe finds time to run away to the forest in between balancing clients, partners and, of course, their thriving, polyamorous family!


Koe is available for workshops, public speaking and personal consult.

I am passionate about using humor and playfulness as teaching tools, encouraging both youth and adults to question what they know to find the best answers for them. With my guidance and tools, my clients find an increased sense of moving grace, understanding and confidence in the process of communicating with their families.
— Koe Creation

Places spoken


Sex-Positive Venues

Atlanta Poly Weekend, 2019
SouthWest LoveFest, 2019
SoloPolyCon, 2017
Catalystcon West, 2015
Poly Living West, 2010
Center & Foundation for Sex-Positive Culture, Seattle
Shebop, Portland
Babeland, Seattle
Bawdy Storytelling, SF
Bawdy Storytelling, Seattle
Polycamp, Northwest 2005-2009

Seattle Erotic Art Festival, 2019
Western Erotic Hypnosis Unconference, 2016
Dark Odyssey: Surrender, 2016
IMsL/IMsBB, 2016
ArmoryStudios, SF
SF Citadel
Twisted Windows, SF


UW Medical School
Stanford University
University of Washington
Highline Community College
Pierce Community College
Pacific Lutheran University


Media Appearances


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Newspaper: The Seattle Times

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You’ve helped me see the magic in the world, and for that, I am eternally grateful.
— Harry C.



Workshops Offered



Harm Reduction and Sexual Health


Coming Out


Gender Variance and Sexual Orientation


Erotic Confidence