Are you struggling with your child's Sexual Expression or Gender?

I can make these conversations manageable and empowering for you, and your child!

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  At my essence, I work as a Sex Positive: Community Networker, Relationship Advocate & Performance Artist and it’s my pleasure to help you figure out that you have the right to create the relationship(s) that work the best for you!

I am passionate about using humor and playfulness as teaching tools, encouraging both youth and adults to question what they know about communication to find the best answers for them. Then we can come up with a plan for implementing those answers into their lives, moving forward with more grace, understanding and, my favorite, confidence.

I had one of the most positively unique childhoods you’ve ever heard of, guaranteed!


Who is Koe Creation? Today

As a performative child raised by a village of socially-alternative Seattleites in the 1990s, Koe has 20+ years of experiential training in nonviolent communication and sex-positive parenting. Koe's involvement in the Sex Education, LGBTQ Activism, BDSM & Polyamorous communities has only grown throughout their life.

As Koe reaches 25 years old, they can currently be found filling up their calendar in sex-positive Seattle, balancing their clients, business, partners, poly family, wanderlust and growing list of hobbies.

Recent Accolades 2010 - 2013

Won the Center and Foundation for Sex Positive Culture’s award for Outstanding Workmanship.

Built the Startup: Digital Native Consulting, producing social media for such clients as:
Marcia Baczynski, Reid Mihalko, Terri Ciacchi and Annie Sprinkle.

Became an apprentice ropemaker working at

Celebrated 5 years as Camp Staff at Camp Ten Trees.

Appeared on media sources such as The Seattle Times, The Montel Williams Show and the
documentary I Love You, and You, and You. highlighting polyamorous familial structure.

Spoke regularly at local colleges including: University of Washington, Highline Community
College, Pierce Community College, Pacific Lutheran University and UW Medical School on
topics such as: Polyamory, Intro to BDSM, Erotic Fetishism and Adolescent Sexual Health.

Koe's Early Explorations 2005 - 2009

Organized social dances or queer and trans* youth in association with Lambert House

Appeared as a featured guest on The Tyra Banks Show, Episode 21 - Group Love: A look at polyamory

Interned with NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, aiding in passing Washington’s Healthy Youth Act

Interned with the American Friends Service Committee to create Conscious. an LGBTQ activism training for Seattle

Won both the LGBT Center of Seattle’s “Cherry” Fruitbowl Award and MPowerment’s Upcoming
Youth Activist of the Year award for outstanding queer youth activism

Served as board member for local non-profits Camp Ten Trees and Polycamp NW

Premiered and performed in Seattle’s QTET: Queer Teen Ensemble Theatre program

Worked as Executive Assistant to the Director (Allena Gabosch) of the Center and Foundation for
Sex Positive Culture

Built the social media platform for the Center and Foundation for Sex Positive Culture